Springtime Inspirations

April 17, 2020
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Firstly I wanted to say an enormous 


I have received such a huge amount of support from everyone during this unusual time that we are all experiencing.
Wonderful orders for necklaces and earrings, great feedback and lots of interactions on my social media.
Every single one of these things has helped keep my handmade business going.
With two of the biggest events of the year that I sell my jewellery at getting cancelled, I really did worry, but we will get through this!
Thanks again – Michelle

Hot off the workbench!

I have been really inspired this Springtime, by the luxury of my walks with my loyal work hound Jasper.
The Willow trees are starting to burst to life and nature all around is busy. I wanted to encapsulate this feeling of joy and a select few of my favorite creatures.

Before my local nature reserve was temporarily closed, I had the most amazing experience of watching an otter hunting for fish, just meters from me.
Watching the otter hunt so carefree was utterly beautiful, the way the reeds and rushes framed her, formed my new range.
I was also lucky to see her again just a few days later!

So these are the first Bird Necklace from my new range
(otter pieces coming soon!)

‘Tales from the riverbank’


Kingfisher necklace, nature necklace, bird necklace, birdwatching, nature lover gift, park road jewellery


Kingfisher Necklace

The Kingfisher Bird Necklace is completely handmade and one of a kind.

It is comprised of different thicknesses of Sterling Silver wire, welded together to create the look of Bull rushes and reeds. Completed by finishing touches of hand engraving to bring to life the Kingfisher and natural textures.


View the necklace here



Little Bird Necklace

Bird necklace, Bearded tit, Reed warbler, Reed Bunting,nature necklace, bird necklace, birdwatching, nature lover gift, park road jewellery

I have so many favorites, I leave this little bird up to you; Bearded Tit, Reed Warbler, Reed Bunting, what do you see?

These birds can be so difficult to find among the reed beds, it is always a pleasure to see them.

View the necklace here






Lets get social!
Whilst keeping a sensible social distance…


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