September 2021

September 1, 2021
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September 1, 2021 Michelle

Welcome to the September edition of the
Park Road Jewellery newsletter.

Firstly, how is it September already? I have been a busy bee in the workshop and I’m sure the last time I checked, it was just the beginning of August?
A warm welcome to you if you are a new reader! And a huge thank you to my long term VIPs, your support for my handmade business is simply amazing.
I have lots of bespoke projects I have been so excited to share with you all, so lets go!

Spring and summer are usually my main seasons for making bespoke engagement and wedding rings. This is such an exciting time, as I feel so lucky to be able to work closely with clients to make such special pieces of jewellery. However, it also means that I have to keep them secret for so long! I now have the permission to share these beauties, that have been such a pleasure to design and make.
Let me know what you think!

This ring above is an engagement ring that I designed alongside the client in the Springtime. My brief was to combine black and fuchsia colours, with a simple, timeless design that is durable for everyday wear.

We have a white gold band with a central black diamond, highlighted by Rhodolite garnets either side. What a colour combination, I love it!

The black diamond is extremely hard wearing so is perfect for the everyday wear that an engagement ring with receive. I suggested to the client that having the stones in a Bezel style setting, where the metal surrounds the stones,  will keep the stones safe and secure whilst giving the ring a smooth and sleek look.

This stunning wedding band set has a very special story to tell!
Every 5 years this lovely couple have their wedding rings melted down and redesigned into something completely new, what an exciting idea!
I couldn’t wait to get started designing something different for them. We worked together, using ideas that the client presented to me, from textures and finishes they particularly liked.
I really wanted to incorporate the 15 years that they were celebrating into the design. So with an initial hammered texture on the band, I created 15 interlocking lines that were inspired by runic symbols to flow around the band. Each line was meticulously sawn and polished by hand!
What a project! It also gave my new melting torch and rolling mill a good work out as well! I love these one of a kind rings.

What a ring – even if I do say that myself!
This particular piece was a real challenge that I could get stuck into.
The clients came to me with some gorgeous family jewellery that consisted of platinum and diamond rings that were no longer worn. They wanted to have the marquise shaped diamond set into the reimagined platinum from the other rings.  So I got to work!

Platinum is such an extraordinary metal, although it is very hard, it is really great to work with. I softened the original ring shank and reshaped it with my rolling mill, to create a slimmer, lower set band. I then worked with the remaining pieces to create an understated and simple setting to highlight this stunning diamond.
It just goes to show that recycling metals and gemstones is such a great idea and a great way to transform jewellery!

Do you have jewellery that is sat unworn and unloved?
Lets give it a lease of new life by redesigning it into something completely new.
Send me and email today with some photographs of your unworn jewellery, and we can start talking about designing something new. Even if you don’t know where to start, I can help you throughout the whole process!
Lets talk sustainability!
Creating a sustainable and Eco-friendly business is an absolute priority to me. I am always researching and trying to develop my workshop practices to comply with my strict rules!
The great news is, I have now found a new eco-friendly packaging I wanted to share with you.
I currently use a strong cardboard box for packaging up my postal items, but I felt that something was lacking and I wanted to make it more secure.
I have found the best mailers from a UK company Noissue – mailer bags that are compossible! How clever is that!  They are strong and waterproof  which gives me peace of mind for their postal journey.
Even if you throw them away in the black bin, they will quickly breakdown and dissolve. I am so happy!

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All of the above jewellery is designed and handmade in the Park Road Jewellery workshop from Sterling Silver.
Ready to be worn and loved for years to come!
Thank you for reading this months edition of the newsletter, I hope you have enjoyed it!
As always, you can email me directly at any time at or join me on Facebook or Instagram!Until next time, 
Thank you!