Pools Domed Dish Earrings

July 27, 2018
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Pools Domed Dish Earrings


An eye catching pair of simple studs


Pools Domed Dish Earrings


Pools Domed Dish Earrings, Inspired by formations in the landscape, Rock Pools, Forgotten ponds and erosion formed pools, all occurring naturally.
The excitement of discovering them and investigating what lurks in their hidden depths.

Jewellery Finish

This pair of Pools Domed Dish Earrings consist of hand forged concave domes, handmade using traditional techniques.

For your security the earrings are fitted with traditional soldered ‘Post and butterfly’ style fittings which are suitable for pierced ears. This style of fitting is very secure and comfortable to wear everyday.

The polished interior of the earrings reflect the light beautifully and is very eye catching contrast to the satin finished edge.


The earrings as a pair weigh: 1.8 grams

Diameter : 10 mm

Complete the look

Matching Necklace

Additional information

Weight 0026 kg
Dimensions 21.1 × 16.1 × 46 cm