Otter Playful Necklace


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The Otter Playful Necklace is inspired by my daily river side walks. This pendant encapsulates the feeling of spring and the joy of the natural world

I was inspired to create this Otter series after watching an otter hunting for small fish, I knew I wanted to create some jewellery inspired by this experience.

I love their cheeky, playful nature and their effortless movement through the water. Simply fascinating to watch.


The Otter Playful Necklace weighs 6.5 grams (pendant only)

Dimensions – 28 mm diameter

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Jewellery Finish

The Otter Playful necklace is completely handmade and one of a kind. It is comprised of different thicknesses of Sterling Silver wire, welded together to create the look of Bull rushes and reeds. Completed by finishing touches of hand engraving to bring to life the fur and expression of the Otter and surrounding natural textures. An integral loop on the reverse allows the pendant to slide freely on a chain.

This pendant is available in a variety of lengths of Spiga style chain. It is a strong style of chain without looking too heavy. Should you prefer a different length or style please get in contact via email to ask about a bespoke length that is right for you.

When creating the pendant, I have not compromised on materials, so the pendant has an overall chunky and luxurious feel.


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